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Mindfulness training

Mindfulness training is developed for everyone who seeks to improve quality of life, especially if you want to:

• learn how to deal with stress
• learn how to deal with difficult emotions, like tension, anxiety or pain
• spend less energy on worrying
• be able to enjoy a busy life
• find more moments of joy, peace and inner stillness
• experience each moment with awareness
• increase your energy levels.

Mindfulness training is an effective way to control stress and improve the quality of your life. We learn to become aware of the mind’s tendency to wander off, it's worrying about the past and the future. And then there room for a choice.

The training of mindfulness doesn’t focus on changing problems, but on changing our attitude towards them. We can’t change tension or a stressful mood, but mindfulness helps us to look at painful issues from a different point of view. It encourages us to gently move problems out of the focal point of our awareness.

Mindfulness is a skill, and new skills and insights are obtained by doing, by practicing rather than learning with the mind. This mindfulness course consists of six sessions of 1,5 hours.
Every session of the course includes:
• guided awareness and concentration exercises;
• yoga exercises;
• sitting and walking meditations.

Besides mindfulness exercises and theoretical aspects during the sessions, there is also room for discussing the experiences. Furthermore, the mindfulness exercise at home is daily half an hour.

At this moment Mindfulness (English spoken) is only given in private sessions. Price: 525 euro (materials and audio are included)

More information: info@vivoforlife or 06-21291960